Occupational Therapy Assessments

An Occupational Therapy assessment focuses on the child’s weaknesses and strengths. Paediatric Occupational Therapy intervention starts with a parent interview and observation of the child in different environments. Standardised tests and tools finish the assessment. A special treatment programme will be designed to help you as a family to meet your child’s needs. With permission from the parents, shared information will help teachers and other professionals to better understand your child and help can be put into place.

Regular and intensive Occupational Therapy Sessions:

Occupational Therapy for children focuses on enabling the child to independently take part in all areas of her life. This may be in school, home and/or social life. The child may have problems with play, self care tasks such as dressing, showering or feeding, or with social interaction. The Occupational Therapist helps the child to successfully develop all necessary skills. This might be fine and gross motor skills such as balance and coordination, or fine motor manipulation and dexterity.

Occupational Therapy intervention can take place on a one-to-one basis or within a group setting.

  • Speech and Language Therapy

We offer assessments, one to one and group sessions for children of all abilities.

  • Physiotherapy

We offer assessments, one to one and group sessions for children of all abilities.

  • Handwriting without Tears:

The Handwriting without tears programme is a developmentally based and very child friendly approach to improve your child’s handwriting skills.

The programme uses fun, entertaining and educational methods to teach handwriting to students.

  • Social Skills Groups:

These groups are designed to improve listening and concentration skills. Children learn how to take turns and accept rules, build up self esteem, take responsibility and much more. And the great news: It’s fun!

  • “Twinkling Stars” Parent Toddler Group

A group for parents and toddlers of all abilities. Specially selected music and play activities will help your child’s social, physical and cognitive development. Share all your success stories, hopes and fears with other likeminded parents and a nice cup of tea. The Twinkling Stars meet every Wednesday morning at 11am in the “Little Stars” centre. All that for only €5 per child.

  • Let’s get ready for school

This programme introduces school readiness activities to young children of all abilities. Through music, movement, colouring and many more multisensory activities your child will have great fun while developing important skills, such as colour and shape awareness, letter and number recognition, fine and gross motor control, social skills, language proficiency and counting abilities.

  • Regular Information Nights on different topics for parents and teachers

Please let us know if you have any suggestions on topics or questions that you would like to have discussed.

  • Parent Training

To discipline a child is a very difficult task. During our parent training evenings we will provide you with techniques to manage your child’s behaviour. We will give you guidance on how to make life more relaxed for you and your child, strategies for homework, untidy rooms, obnoxious behaviour etc. will be provided. Our parent training workshops are for all parents.

How much does it cost?

It is our aim to provide professional services at an affordable rate. We are dedicated to our work and try to make a difference in your child’s life, every day. We make sure that we keep up to date with new developments and research and regularly take part in training opportunities.

One-to-one therapy sessions cost only € 40

Occupational Therapy Assessments cost only € 250 in the centre and €300 if a school visit is needed. A written report is included in the assessment.

 Full Speech and Language Assessment costs € 250

Group prices vary with group sizes and therapists involved. Please inquire about more information.

Please ask us about free information nights in our clinic or we can come to you!

Our cancellation policy:

If you need to cancel an appointment please make sure to do so at least 24 hours before the appointment. Missed appointments will be billed at the regular rate.

Claiming back tax & professional fees:

You can claim back some of your costs through your health insurance provider depending on your insurance cover. Furthermore you can consult to download the MED1 form in order to claim for some of your medical expenses – MED1 link:


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