The Team


Mareike Bartel

a fully qualified Senior Occupational Therapist, received her degree in Germany. Since then Mareike has had extensive experience in the area of paediatric OT and completed a wide range of post graduate courses and training in areas such as Sensory Integration.
Professional Courses Completed:
«  Wheelchairs and Assisstive Technology   -September 2005
«  Guiding Teenagers Competence Check   -December 2006
«  NeuroDevelopment Therapy BOBATH, Foundation Level  -March 2007
«  Sensory Integration, Theory and Intervention   -November 2008
«  Handwriting Without Tears The Print Tool   -January 2009
«  Handwriting Without Tears Preschool to 3rd Grade   -January 2009
«  Getting Kids in Sync
«  (A Sensory Processing Approach to Challenges Associated with Autism, ADHD, Learning and Behavioural Disorders  -June 2009
«  Guiding Clinicians to Help Kids Eat  -April 2010
«  Developmental Coordination Disorder and Dyspraxia:Assessment and Intervention  -July2010
«  Sensory Defensiveness: A Comprehensive Treatment Approach by Patricia and Julia Wilbarger -2011
«  Therapeutic Listening: Listening With the Whole Body  -November 2011
«  Accessing the Power of the Auditory-Vestibular-Visual Triad   -November 2011
« Ethical Animal Use Course – introductory course to animal assisted therapy -February 2013
« Introduction to Building Blocks for Sensory Integration -February 2013
« Module One Lámh Course -March 2013

Hope Swail

Hope joined Little Stars in 2011 as home tutor and handwriting instructor. She has over 10 years experience working with children of ages ranging from 6months to afterschool age and previously managed a crèche as well as working with homeless children and children experiencing domestic violence. Hope is experienced working with the HWT programme, therapeutic listening and educational queries.

Professional details: «  BA early childhood care and education. awarded in 2006

«  Cert in autism awareness. awarded in 2011

«  Fetac level 6 supervision in childcare. awarded in 2008

«  Fetac level 5 occupational first aid. awarded in 2010

«  Fetac level 5 start your own business. awarded in 2008

Fiona Rothwell

joined our team at Little Stars in October 2012.
Fiona qualified as an Occupational Therapist from Trinity College Dublin. She has always enjoyed working with children and has spent 3 years volunteering with ISPCC (Irish Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children) and has spent time in the CRC (Central Remedial Clinic) facilitating summer camps.
Professional Courses Completed:
« Bachelor of Science Occupational Therapy (4 year honours degree) 2012
« Handwriting Without Tears 2012
« Manual Handling Certificate 2012
« Basic Irish Sign Language 2009
« Advanced Irish Sign Language 2010
« FETAC Level 5 Occupational First Aid 2013
« Feeding Therapy SOS Approach
« Sensory Processing disorders – Interventions to improve sensory behaviour and function June 2013
« Therapeutic Listening – Listening with the Whole Body June 2013

Jenny McDonald

Jane Kennedy

has worked as a Bodywork Therapist and Fitness Instructor for 21 years.  Throughout this time Jane has come to realise the importance of releasing both physical and emotional restrictions from the body to improve how we interact with ourselves and also how we interact with others.  Jane works with a variety of therapies including Craniosacral Therapy, Myofascial Release, Remedial Massage and also Yoga and Pilates exercises to ease restrictions from the body.
Professional courses completed:
«  B.Sc. Psychology 2012
«  Yoga teacher 2012
«  First Aid  2011.
«  Pilates Instructor 2006, Pilates for Golf  2006, Pre-natal Pilates  2011.
«  Physical Activities Leader Fitness and Exercise  2005
«  Craniosacral Therapy I-2002, II-2004, Somato Emotional Release I-2008, Paediatrics-2008.
«  Myofascial Release I, II Unwinding, and T4T, 2001+ 2002, Rebounding-2003, Cervical/Thoracic-2004.
«  I.T.E.C. Teaching Diploma and college Certification-1999, Reflexology-2002.
«  Traditional Thai Massage I + I – 1998,  III + IV –  2000.
«  Fit Kids Club Nov 1996.
«  Indian Head Massage Nov 1995.
«  I.T.E.C. and N.C.E.F. Fitness Instructor Aug 1995
«  Sports Therapy Diploma, 1992

Sheena Cadogan

is a Certified Play Therapist, with a Post Graduate Diploma in Play Therapy and a BA Honours Degree in Psychology.She has provided individual and group play therapy in primary schools for 2 years.She worked as an ABA tutor in a special school for children with Autism for nearly 3 years, and also has extensive voluntary experience with children and families. She has been involved with Barretstown Camp for children with serious illness and their families, and also took part in community development projects in South Africa in 2008. Sheena is excited to be spending more time in her home county of Wexford, having spent the past 8 years working and studying in Dublin.
Professional Courses Completed:
• Post Graduate Diploma in Practice Based Play Therapy, Academy of Play and Child Psychotherapy/Canterbury Christchurch University, United Kingdom (2010-2012)
• Training Seminars in Attachment Disorders and Transference (2012)
• Training Seminars in Clay/Bodywork (2012)
• Training Seminars for Team Leaders and Managers in Childcare (2011)
• Training Certificate in ‘Play and Activities for Afterschool Settings’ (2011)
• First Aid (2010)
• Certificate in Play Therapy Skills, Children’s Therapy Centre (2009)
• Certificate in Foundations of Family Therapy, Mater Misericordiae Hospital/ Clanwilliam Institute (2008)
• Training seminars for Autism and Applied Behaviour Analysis (2007-2009)
• BA Hons Psychology, University College Dublin (2004-2007)
• UCD Entrance Scholarship (2004) and UCD Music Scholarship (2005)
• Performing Arts Coach in Summer Camp (2006)


our gentle & friendly Labrador a little star herself with the kids


a mini pony for all the kids to brush and cuddle

“Blacky & Sweety”

the two guinea pig ladies that took up residency in Little Stars’ reception in January 2013


our latest addition to our “hairy employees” – a 12week old chocolate Labrador – keeping us on our toes ; )


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